Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It’s Education, Stupid

Bill Clinton coined the phrase “It’s the Economy, Stupid” as a campaign slogan when running against George Bush, Snr. The Mayor of Accra (see my blog from yesterday), Hon. Alfred Vanderpuye has made Education the center of his plans for the city of Accra. He talks very passionately about the fact that elementary school students in Accra are being shortchanged on their education because of the shift system. I presume this is the fact that there are two shifts for students which causes two kinds of problems. First, students are not getting enough hours of schooling – he wants to get the hours to 8 per day from the current 4. Second, since there are different shifts students are able to conceal the fact that they have not been in school at all for the day, in either shift.

Could it be that many of the problems of Accra, perhaps of Ghana, are due to the low levels of education of substantial numbers of people? Will there be a big impact on the economy when the Mayors future cohorts of 8-hour a day students hit the job market? Well, all that remains to be seen. This Mayor has placed his bets on this. As a seasoned politician, I suspect he knows that this will go over very well with the Accra residents (and therefore, ultimate, his electorate). So, perhaps indeed it’s Education, stupid.


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